Modish Catering - Indian catering services in GTA


Mo’dish provides catering of Indian Mughlai and Indian fusion cuisine at its best. Indian food, today coveted everywhere is as enriching as the hues and hysteria of Indian customs. Being in aninternational market where the demand and love for Indian food is growing with each day, we keep in mind our clients and their palettes and craft our dishes accordingly. All our recipes are tried and tested.At Mo’dish we aim for our foods to be as healthy as possible, with whole-wheat flour, all-scratch ingredients and techniques .Our spices are all grinded to perfection, like intoxicating pods of black cardamom, and sauté peppery nigella seeds. We also make our own paneer cheese. All our vegetables are bought straight from the famers market. Most importantly we adhere to all the hygiene regulations.The journey of food is ongoing, we are learning and we are adding to our menu all the time. Mo’dish is growing rapidly and a lot of new things will be rolling out soon, so stay tuned –