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At Deol & Nagpal Law Firm LLP, we are committed to serving the Greater Toronto (“GTA”) community with zeal and dedication. The firm was founded by Birdavinder Singh Deol, in partnership with Amanpreet Singh Nagpal. Our team of experienced lawyers provide professional legal services at cost-effective prices. As a team, we ensure that every client receives personalized service that meets their needs. We seek to protect our client’s rights and help our clients solve problems. We provide a broad range of legal services, with a specialization in Immigration, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Criminal Law, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, and Small Claims Court Cases. Real Estate Law: The process of buying or selling of property involves both financial and legal transactions. While real estate is bought and sold every day, it calls for diligence from the parties involved. You want to ensure that you get the optimal deal at the end of the day, both in terms of price and in terms of what you are buying or selling. Our lawyers have vast experience in both Commercial and Residential Real Estate Law. We have successfully partnered with individuals and corporations to assist them in completing their real estate transactions. For the first-time homebuyer, you don’t have to delay realizing your dream of owning a home due to the fear having to deal with the intricacies of the transaction. We can help you with a sale or purchase of commercial or residential property, refinancing, or the acquisition of vacant land for industrial development. Business Law: If you are a business owner, or you are seeking to venture into business, we can work with you to help establish your business and help it to grow. We can assist you with the purchase and sale of shares / Assets, setting up a new franchise business, or the buying or selling of an existing franchise. Don’t let go of your vision of expansion or becoming a business owner due to not knowing how to proceed. We are here for you. Criminal Defence: We believe that everyone who has been charged with an offense has a right to proper legal advice and representation. If you have been charged with an offense, it is important to have a lawyer who can explain the system and the process, and who will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. Our team of lawyers has experience in criminal defense, including handling cases of Domestic Violence, Drinking & Driving, Sexual Offences, Assault, Weapon Offences, Theft, Violation of Probation, juvenile offenders and Contested Bail Hearings. We strive to provide you the right legal advice as per the merits of your case so that you can make an informed decision. To ensure that we provide you with reliable service, we are flexible and can meet with clients at the detention center. Trust is of utmost importance to the firm. To cement our relationship with the client, we believe it is important to inform you of all the viable options available to you when you have been charged with a criminal offense. The options available depend on each specific case. Depending on the circumstance, you may be able to negotiate with the crown prosecutor, request the dismissal & withdrawal of the charges, or push the issue to trial. We provide you with the necessary legal guidance to help you understand your options, but yours is the final voice in the matter. We also represent clients with legal aid certificates. Family Law: Dealing with family disputes is difficult, both in terms of the law and the emotional toll that it takes on an individual. At Deol & Nagpal Law Firm LLP, we help you to handle and resolve your family law matters with professionalism. We deal with issues relating to spousal support, child custody and access, property division, and divorce. We also assist separated parents to design a tailor-made parenting plan to fit their personal needs. We have successfully negotiated several parenting plans and separation agreements. Of course, we do prepare cohabitation agreements or prenuptial agreements, if you wish to plan ahead. We represent our clients in both mediation-arbitration programs and at all levels of family courts. We also represent clients with legal aid certificates. Civil Matters: Are you looking for representation in a civil case? We have experienced lawyers who can assist you with any dispute, no matter what level of the court the hearing is at; be it at the Small Claims Court, Superior Court of Justice or an Appellate Court. We offer representation to both plaintiffs and defendants. Power of Attorneys, Wills & Estate: Properly drafted Wills and Powers of Attorney are critical to ensuring that your assets, property and personal care are properly cared for if you are unable to deal with these matters yourself. Do you have a power of attorney in place to allow your property to be dealt with if you are absent or otherwise unable to look after your business or finances yourself? Do you have a power of attorney to address who can make decisions regarding your personal care if you are no longer able to make those decisions? Do you have a valid Will that deals with the distribution of your property on your death? If not, your assets will be distributed according to the succession laws that apply – this may not be what you would want or choose. In order to protect your assets, ensure your wishes are met, and ease the burden on your family, it is important to have a Will and Powers of Attorney that have been drafted with proper legal advice. We can also help you to probate a will after death. You can contact us at Deol & Nagpal Law Firm LLP for assistance in the appointment of estate trustee, even if you don’t have a will. Immigration Matters: Legal representation is important when dealing with immigration matters, and in some cases it is essential. The Canadian immigration application process can be overwhelming and slow-moving, but with proper representation, you can navigate the process. We help applicants who would like to partake of the Canadian Experience Class (“CEC”) program. For Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents who are contemplating the Family class or Spousal Sponsorship, Deol & Nagpal Law Firm LLP offers guidance and assistance throughout the application process. You can also contact us if you are in need of sponsorship declarations for a visitor’s visa, or Super Visas. We can also provide representation before the Immigration Appeal Division (“IAD”), as well as Judicial Review applications and Federal appeals. Each client receives customized services based on their needs. Notary Services: We provide Notary services for child travel consents, administering oaths, affidavits, statutory declarations, and certification of document copies. Feel free to call and schedule a meeting with one of our dedicated lawyers. Amanpreet Singh Nagpal, Barrister & Solicitor | Birdavinder Singh Deol, Barrister & Solicitor Criminal Law Commercial & Residential Real Estate Family Law Wills & Estate Civil Matters Corporate Law Small Claim Court Cases Immigration Matters


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